We control the battery quality from the raw material production process of lead oxidation, battery plate production, to the battery assembly (including in-house plastic case injection & mould). All the semi-product can only be transferred the next step when the quality is confirmed. All final batteries need 100% strict quality control before package and pass 55 QC check points before flowing out the factories.


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Our Vendor Quality management, IQC, IPQC, FQC, customer satisfaction together with product performance and reliability test make up all the aspects of our quality assurance system. With the years of continuous improvement, our quality management system has been integrated with daily production management to make our product improved.


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Our production machines and products all passed the testing by professional certificate departments.


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Thousands of customers have visited our factory and received high recognition. Innovative and environmentally friendly production processes. Efficient automatic control systems, professional production equipment, and highly qualified and experienced employees. Using advanced production technology and quality control management achieve the advanced level in the industry and provide strong guarantee for product quality assurance.